Seth Rogen Issued A Very Seth Rogen Response To North Korea’s Threat Of War

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06.25.14 27 Comments

It was pretty evident from the moment that the first trailer for The Interview was released that North Korea was going to be pissed off and probably threaten war over the idea of someone assassinating the country’s leader. Granted, you’d think that Kim Jong-Il would have lost his sh*t over Team America: World Police or Kim Jong-Un would have lobbed some hate grenades at Tina Fey and 30 Rock, but maybe this news that North Korea is threatening to attack the United States over James Franco and Seth Rogen is just the result of years of festering anger.

The fact remains that the U.S. Government now has yet another international incident on its hands – as if stealing Piers Morgan’s soccer pride from England wasn’t bad enough – and for the safety of us John Q. Ordinary Citizens, Franco and Rogen need to sack up and offer an apology to North Korea’s great leader. Unfortunately, Franco is too busy promoting his personal picks of old movies that we should watch this summer instead of that new stuff that Hollywood keeps putting out. But Rogen, the classy gentleman that he is, took a moment this morning to offer this sincere thought on what The Interview may mean to the future of this world.

Damn it, Rogen. Now we’re going to need Dennis Rodman to go back to North Korea and beg Kim Jong-Un for mercy. The fate of this nation is now in the hands of this man:

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