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06.02.08 65 Comments

According to sources who actually watched this festival of mediocrity and shameless whoring, Seth Rogen and James Franco came out and smoked a joint on live TV, and in response, MTV’s cameras pulled back to a super-duper wide angle shot until they left the stage.

But that didn’t stop them (or me) from posting the non-wide angle video online. (If you’re a child or just have the mind of one, you can watch a bootleg of the original telecast after the jump.  My favorite part is the guy trying to zoom in on the TV screen.  See? These are the kind of people who watch the MTV movie awards).

"Kids, don’t really smoke fake weed like this," Rogen told the crowd at the Gibson Amphitheatre.
Despite Rogen’s claim, the sweet scent wafting through the Gibson Amphitheatre suggested the herb was real. [NYDailyNews]

Everyone knows James Franco has the best fake weed around.  But it’s a little hypocritical of MTV to censor something like this.  You can’t act like you’ve got the children’s interests in mind at an event you invited Zac Efron to.  That guy can turn kids gay through the radio.

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