Seth Rogen Is In Talks To Join James Franco’s Tommy Wiseau Movie

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10.16.15 11 Comments

The Room

If you haven’t read Greg Sestero’s book about starring in The Room and his relationship with Hall of Fame oddball Tommy Wiseau, you should (you can also read or listen to my interview with him about it). We’ve known for a while that James Franco was adapting The Disaster Artist, which he plans to direct and star in. Now, The Tracking Board reports that Seth Rogen, who’s co-producing with Evan Goldberg, will also show up in an unspecified role.

Franco will take on the role of Wiseau, the enigmatic filmmaker who infamously created the cult classic, which is often hailed as the ‘best worst movie ever made.’

Dave Franco is also attached to star as actor Greg Sestero.

In addition to Rogen’s potential on-screen involvement, Brandon Trost has been hired to shoot the drama. Trost [another former FilmDrunk interviewee] of course is a frequent collaborator of Franco and Rogen, having shot This is The End, Neighbors, and The Night Before, and is currently shooting Neighbors 2.

It would’ve been cool if Franco had gotten Greg Sestero to play Wiseau instead of himself, considering Sestero’s perfect impression. But, at the very least, it’ll be funny to watch an underactor (in a good way, strangely) like James Franco play a guy with a crazy accent who seems like he’s from another planet (a “vampahr,” as Wiseau says) like Tommy Wiseau.

So, who the hell is Seth Rogen playing? There are any number of smaller roles it could be. I could see him playing Sandy Schklair, The Room‘s script supervisor, who famously claimed to have been responsible for making The Room as ridiculous as it is, or maybe even Michael Rousselet, whom Sestero credits as starting many of The Room‘s viewer-participation trends. (I asked Rousselet about it and he hasn’t responded yet, but you know how those Hollywood types are.) Of course, there are plenty of other options, from members of The Room‘s revolving crew to one of Wiseau’s mysterious family members or associates from France, Germany, the Eastern Bloc or New Orleans.

Of course, I’ll be happy as long as they find a really fat pug.

It’s pretty cool that we used our science skills to breed furry loaves of bread that wheeze to be our living clowns.

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