Seven Psychopaths has a secret Mickey Rourke diss

Occasionally, a film will have a semi-secret message hidden inside it, some sort of inside joke for the filmmakers and/or people paying particularly close attention. This is called an “easter egg,” so named for the way Jesus Christ rose from the grave as a joke and gave eggs to all his followers. According to my sources who’ve seen the film, Martin McDonagh’s film, Seven Psychopaths, which opens the twelfth of this month, has one such easter egg aimed at Mickey Rourke.

First, a little backstory. Now, you might think a film whose plot centers around tough guys and their adorable, tiny dogs would be a natural fit for Mickey Rourke, if not an unspoken biopic, and you’d be right. Rourke was originally supposed to star, but was later replaced by Woody Harrelson. According to an interview Rourke gave about it later, McDonagh was a “jerkoff” who “wanted a lot for nothing,” and Mickey said “he can go play with himself.” (This is why I love Mickey Rourke, by the way, the man is incapable of censoring himself and it’s adorable).

The easter egg isn’t really a spoiler, but I’ll put it below anyway just in case you’re a little girl and you don’t want to get pee in your panties.

According to a source, there’s a climactic scene in Seven Psychopaths that takes place in a cemetery that includes a can’t-miss-it close up of a gravestone that says “ROURKE,” as an F-you to Mickey.

So… neat? I don’t know, his name on a gravestone doesn’t seem like that huge a burn. People do that every Halloween, don’t they? Anyway, if they really wanted to mess with him, they’d have Woody Harrelson’s character spontaneously decide he wants to become a boxer. But then after his first fight, he comes home with his face so messed up that his dog doesn’t even recognize him for a few years. And the dog’s name would be “Hollywood.”

[exclusive – looks like CinemaBlend noticed as well]