09.13.07 11 years ago 16 Comments

Mark your calendar, crazy bitches. The Sex and the City movie is out May 30, 2008.

That's right, fresh off the news that Carrie has a sASSy black ASSistant (Jennifer Hudson from American Idol), New Line has announced the release date.  Hot damn, throw in a talking animal or two and you've practically got a Jerry Bruckheimer movie.  

Seriously though, guys: if you meet a girl and she seems cool, but then you find out she loves Sex and the City – run.  Get out while you still can, before she's setting your clothes on fire or slashing your tires – not because she's mad, because she wants to get your attention. Sex and the City fanatics are the female equivalent of guys who like Entouragenot to be trusted

You can thank me later. 

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