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10.15.08 37 Comments

Marsha Brady (Maureen McCormack) went on the Today Show today to discuss her memoir, and how she used to trade sex for drugs (1:16 of the first video) and get abortions and dated Michael Jackson and Steve Martin and almost lost her virginity to her TV brother.  Pretty much the same old child actor story except sexier.  But the fun really starts in the second video when Extra correspondent Carlos Diaz gets ahold of it.

“Thank God that grass in the back yard was fake, they probably would’ve tried to smoke it!  I mean, I can’t – this is unbelievable stuff!  I mean, I didn’t know that she was so ticked off that her nose got broken because it affected her coke habit!  And the eating disorder!  You had Alice makin all your food, how could you have an eating disorder!

“Yeah, and Sam the Butcher providing only the leanest cuts of beef I’m sure!

“Exactly!  I just. Cannot. Picture. Marcia Brady freebasing!”

A bottomless well of hilarity is the only way I can describe it.  I can’t wait until Carlos Diaz goes on the Today Show to promote his upcoming book, A Complete Idiot’s Guide to Being an Insufferable Dickweed.

Embedded video from CNN Video

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