Sex & the City leads a horse to the desert

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04.09.10 45 Comments

Just in case you needed to hear “Empire State of Mind” for the 8th time this morning, here’s the trailer for Sex and the City 2.  My favorite exchange:

SAMANTHA:  I’ve tricked my body into thinking it’s younger.  *pulls out pills*
CHARLOTTE:  How are you gonna swallow all those?
SAMANTHA:  …Have we met?

Ha, it’s funny ’cause she’s a slut (*gong*).   Other highlights included my favorite guest star, Liza Minelli (just edging out Miley Cyrus), and my favorite outfit, this:

The plot is that the girls get together for a group vacation to Abu Dhabi, where Carrie runs into old flame Aiden, aka John Corbett, and the sparks and fur fly.  Is he trying to start a country music career or something?  What’s with the phony, folksy accent all of a sudden?  But anyway, Abu Dhabi is a great setting for this movie, because as we all know, Islamic countries just love scantily clad sluts.

“Who ees thees transvestite donkey witch next to you, and why it no wear burka?”

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