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11.07.08 22 Comments

There was a flood of Sex and the City sequel news going around yesterday after an interview Kim Cattrall did in the U.K.  I’m not sure why it was such big news, since I reported that a sequel was in development a few months ago.  Anyway, now Sarah Jessica Parker is getting in on the action, and by getting in on the action, I mean sounding like a huge buzzkill:

“I’m thrilled to know Kim is excited but all the deals are not yet done. With ‘the wind on our heels,’ we hope to make it a reality,” Parker said in her statement to Access.

Why are there quotes around “Wind on our heels”?  Is that a Bette Midler song or some shit?

Earlier in the day, “SATC” fans were sent into a frenzy when quotes from Cattrall’s interview on the UK’s “The Paul O’Grady Show” were published, indicating Carrie Bradshaw and the gang were locked in for a sequel to the summer blockbuster. “We will do the sequel next summer,” Cattrall said on the show, according to the BBC.
In her interview, Kim noted that it had been “difficult getting everybody who’s so incredibly busy all together at the same time.”
The actress also dismissed rumors of a reported feud on the set amongst the cast. [MSNBC]

That’s funny, because this sounds exactly like what would happen if a couple old, catty bitches were feuding. One wants to do the movie, one wants to hold out for money, and in the middle of it they both do interviews saying it’s all going exactly how they want it to. Man, how sexy would this cat fight have been like 30 years ago?

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