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04.03.08 31 Comments

By now you’ve probably seen the Street Kings trailer enough times to rap right along to its annoying def poetry soundtrack.  But today we’ve got a new trailer, and it’s R-Rated!  That means even more people getting shot set to rap music!  How innovative!  Call me crazy, but I think south-central just might be a tough place where a cop has to play by his own rules to survive. 

Favorite quote from the trailer:

Keanu:  So what do they call you?
Mexican Dude from Training Day:  They call me Quicks, man.
Keanu: ‘Quicks’, huh?  Not quick enough!  [Ed. Note – That’s a burn]

And in case you were wondering, yes, that is the same song that Sexman used for his short film, Mr. Lion Getting Pwned.  I think Sexman used it best, but it could just be that his lead actor was more believable.

[FirstShowing has a longer "Sizzle Reel" with even more rappin’ n shootin’] 

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