Frotcast 383: Kaseem Saw ‘Ladybird,’ With Joey Devine


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This week brings great guests to the Frotquarters, comedians Joey Devine from Roundball Rock and returning guest Kaseem Bentley, soon to be recording his comedy album. Strangely enough, we actually talk almost exclusively movie stuff this week, from Shane Black getting flack for hiring his pal the convicted sex offender to the Oscars postponing their “popular achievement” Oscar. Also, Kaseem saw Ladybird, Matt has a Norm MacDonald story, and there’s a new Eminem album out, giving Matt ample opportunity to try out for official slam poet of the #resistance. Donate at (and get this week’s Patrons-only episode).


3:38 – Shane Black hired a sex offender

16:10 – Oscars cancel the popular Oscar

31:00 – Can’t miss moment of Kaseem seeing Raiders owner Marc Davis for the first time

39:00 – Matt is concerned about Norm MacDonald

46:00 – Kaseem saw Ladybird

56:00 – Matt gets inspired by the Seattle plane suicide guy

1:08:00 – A deadbeat dad gets caught thanks to a failed cherry scam

1:16:10 – Talking Eminem’s new album, with Matt’s must-listen #Resistence freestyle about Putin and the Krassensteins

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