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(The Man of Bronze is Homophobic Turtle’s favorite hero. Because, uh, he’s so good at gettin’ chicks.)

Shane Black is rightly worshipped by those slightly less dorky than Joss Whedon fans for writing a slew of memorable action flicks in the 80s and directing Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (also my personal motto).  The latest is that he’s attached to direct and co-write Doc Savage, based on some sort of shirtless pulp hero from the 30s.  Says Wikipedia:

Doc Savage’s real name was Clark Savage, Jr.. He was a physician, surgeon, scientist, adventurer, inventor, explorer, researcher, and, as revealed in The Polar Treasure, a musician. A team of scientists assembled by his father deliberately trained his mind and body to near-superhuman abilities almost from birth, giving him great strength and endurance, a photographic memory, a mastery of the martial arts, and vast knowledge of the sciences. Doc is also a master of disguise and an excellent imitator of voices. “He rights wrongs and punishes evildoers.” Dent described the hero as a mix of Sherlock Holmes’ deductive abilities, Tarzan’s outstanding physical abilities, Craig Kennedy’s scientific education, and Abraham Lincoln’s goodness. Dent described Doc Savage as manifesting “Christliness.”

Which is all an elaborate way of saying “Bruce Greenwood.”

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