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01.06.09 19 Comments

I know this isn’t movie-related, but blow me, movie news is slow this time of year.  Anyway, this is a clip from Rock of Love Charm School, in which Sharon Osbourne teaches retarded whores to read or something.  The fight starts at 1:15, fast forward if you know what’s good for you.  Now, there are few people in this world I’d rather throat punch than Sharon’s co-host, human grease trap Riki Rachtman, but everyone in the clip makes a solid case for the apocalypse.

The fight starts when Sharon tells Megan The Worthless Skank that she shouldn’t be allowed to breed. Though she’s right, the obvious response would probably be, “Wait, aren’t all your kids in rehab?” but Megan instead says something about Ozzy that get’s bleeped.  Then Sharon pours coffee on Megan and they start fighting, which you can tell because they cut away then back to the camera that was right next to the action a second ago but is now inexplicably 10 feet away and all shaky.  I guess my point in all this is that if you want to put on trash TV, how about just hot chicks in bikinis cutting down the rainforests with chainsaws?  The saw would probably make their boobs jiggle and then you could put rap metal in the background and that would still make me want to stab random strangers less than this.


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