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09.19.08 48 Comments

(Earth added for scale)

A while ago, JJ Abrams explained that the reason Shatner wouldn’t be in his new Star Trek movie was that for one thing, Shatner wouldn’t settle for a small cameo, and for another, his character had died in a previous movie.  Yesterday, Shatner responded via YouTube (video after jump).  Humble as always, Shatner claims he was never asked to do a cameo.  He goes on to say he wouldn’t have done one anyway.  Then, he proceeds to tell JJ Abrams how simple it would be to bring Captain Kirk back from the dead.

I brought him back to life in one of my books, very easily.  You know the machine where you suck in the air with the molecules? [something about hovering, and fiddling with levers] …We’ve got DNA of dinosaurs 160 million years old we trying to right now with our primitive technology in 2008, we’re trying to reassemble the DNA of an 160 million year old being, and we think we can do it.

I’m not sure what’s sadder, Shatner taking 100% credit for the work of people who write Star Trek books that he gets to put his name on, Shatner thinking Jurassic Park is real, or Shatner comparing himself to 160 million year-old-dinosaurs.  Personally, I could give a shit whether Shatner is in the Star Trek movie.  What I’d really like to see is Thunderdome: Shatner vs. the Travelocity Gnome.  I doubt Shatner has an answer for the gnome’s reach advantage.

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