Shawn Carter > John Carter

If there’s one thing I love, it’s rap music. If there are two things I love, they’re rap music and action-y action movies. And if there are three things I love, they’re rap music, action-y action movies, and crappy things that are haphazardly thrown together. (This is why my favorite movie is “any movie starring DMX.”) So it should come as no surprise that this trailer for Shawn Carter has me all giggles and bubble gum over here.

Basically, some hero took the trailer for John Carter, put a picture of Jay-Z (real name, Shawn Carter) over Taylor Kitsch’s face during the whole thing, and replaced his dialogue with lines from Jay-Z’s songs. It not particularly “good” or “seamless” by any means. It looks kind of like one of those little kid art projects where you make a doll by gluing someone’s picture onto the top of a popsicle stick, but that’s part of its charm. If it was any slicker, I probably wouldn’t like it. The only downside is that it’s so simple and perfect that now I’m furious I didn’t come up with it first.

via Vulture