Shia LaBeouf is a Cannibal & Morning Links

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This Week in Posters: Charlize’s Sassy Gay Crow, Kevin Spacey is a Chinese Superhero |Film Drunk|

Nick Offerman Shares His 10 Secrets To Life At Tulane |UPROXX|

Happy 40th Birthday, Dwayne: 40 Great Moments Of The Rock |With Leather|

How 16 Shows Can Increase Their Ratings for May Sweeps |Warming Glow|

Five ‘Battleship’ Clips Pale In Comparison To Battlesheep |Gamma Squad|

Prepare Yourself For Cash Money’s New Movie “Rich Gang” |Smoking Section|

A Blair Witch Style Christian Horror Movie About Porn, Duh |Videogum|

40 Pictures Of The Tannest Woman In The Universe |Buzzfeed|

Ashton Kutcher is still making an ass of himself |TheDailyWhat|

Off The Air: The 11 Things Adult Swim Left Online |Adult Swim|

John Mayer is Still Writing Songs For Jennifer Aniston |TheSuperficial|

Chyna’s plastic surgery went rather well… if you’re into the Patton Oswalt look |Fark|

11 Crappiest Movies of Samuel L. Jackson’s Career |Pajiba|

Want to hear me try to do 5 minutes of clean comedy with no audience? It’s… not my best work. |NewsTalk910|

April’s sexiest twitpics. |Celebslam|

The Bat Symbol’s Evolution |Mentalfloss|

The 15 Best Pictures of Scarlett Johansson |Unreality|

7 Movie Characters Attacked By Lions |ScreenJunkies|

Pabst Replaces Beer Stolen at Knifepoint From College Girl |Brobible|

Surreal/nightmarish video of Paula Deen after the jump

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