Shia LaBeouf Tells Kimmel That Delicious Irish Whiskey Is To Blame For His Broadway Arrest

Everything is always just one big misunderstanding, no matter how ridiculous things may seem. That’s basically the point that Shia LaBeouf has been trying to drive home on his new media tour for the upcoming World War II drama Fury. He told Ellen DeGeneres that his long run of strange behavior was all about an existential journey gone wild. Last night, the guy who was served an A-list career on a platter by Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay sat down with Jimmy Kimmel to further explain, among other things, why he’s been acting like a total A-hole for the last two years or so. Naturally, he’s pleading the booze amendment.

For starters, remember how odd it was that LaBeouf was chasing a homeless man around Times Square over a fast food hamburger? That was just one big misunderstanding. LaBeouf admits that he was LaWasted out of his LaFace that night, as he’d taken a liking to Irish whiskey while in Europe filming Fury, and he was pounding the stuff while watching some World Cup action. When he went outside to smoke a cigarette, he met the homeless veteran, who was scared off by a gawker with a cell phone camera, and then LaBeouf simply ran after him to try to calm him down.

So what about the arrest at a Broadway performance of Cabaret? LaBeouf explained that he was a guest of a dancer in the show, and once he ordered two more doubles of the good stuff, he got caught up in trying to mack on the cougars. Unfortunately, the “50- or 60-something ladies” wanted nothing to do with him.

Hey, if Alan Cumming or Allen Iverson can smoke a cigarette on stage, then LaBeouf should be able to join in the fun, too. And if he wants to slap Cumming on the ass then he should be able to “grab his whole cheek.” Either way, love or hate The Beouf, this bro can tell one mean story. It’s impossible not to at least like him a little after hearing him describe that epic tale of a bro who just wants to party.

As for that whole ripping out his tooth incident, a method actor’s simply going to method act.

Oh, and LaBeouf also discussed Fury a little and specifically what it was like to work with and fight Brad Pitt, in case that interests you more than a dude getting wasted and acting like a total A-hole in his off time.