UPDATE: Even Shia Labeouf’s Plagiarism Apology Was Plagiarized (Again)

When I wrote about Shia Labeouf’s apology for plagiarizing a comic artist this morning, I wrote “hey, at least he didn’t plagiarize this apology like the last time he apologized for something.”

Yeah… so about that…

Here’s Shia on Twitter yesterday:

And here’s something from Yahoo Answers four years ago:

Did he really just Google “good artists copy but great artists steal” and then copy and paste some random person’s explanation of it? Because it sure seems like that’s what he did. Plagiarizing your apology for plagiarism (FROM YAHOO ANSWERS)? That’s a little thing we like to call “rock bottom.” Yahoo Answers is the internet equivalent of shouting a question at three hobos warming their hands over a trash can fire. “EVENIN’, FELLAS! HEY, SO WHAT WAS PROUST ON ABOUT, ANYWAY?”

At this point, I think it’s safe to say that Shia Labeouf is either planning some genius, long-con performance art piece, or he has a legitimate psychological problem that needs treatment. And by treatment, I don’t mean silly Photoshops, though I am happy to make more of those. We all contribute in our own way.

[hat tip: GammaSquad, BleedingCool, Buzzfeed]