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This picture gave my computer AIDS :-(

Here’s a big surprise: Brett Ratner, noted whore and candidate for most undeserving person in Hollywood, says that despite his upcoming Conan and Youngblood adaptations, he’s still up for anything comic book.

“I would do any superhero movie that I was asked to do,” Ratner told MTV News. “But I wouldn’t have been interested in ‘Iron Man.’ I have a lot of respect for [Jon Favreau], because to me, it was a B-character. ‘Iron Man’? … But look what he did.”

Yes, look. He filmed rocket hands and Robert Downey Jr. being awesome without adding any references to silly internet memes.  You have so much to learn, fatboy.

Ratner lamented to MTV that he nearly landed a franchise character (namely Superman) but eventually passed on the chance to direct Big Blue’s return to cinemas. “I was so upset when I left ‘Superman,’” said Ratner. “Singer has his ‘X-Men,’ Nolan has ‘Batman‘ — there’s nothing left. ‘Hulk‘ has been exploited already. There’s nothing left for me.”  [SplashPage]

And then a single tear rolled off his chubby face and landed in his chili-cheese nachos.  “You gonna finish those?” asked Chris Tucker.

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