Shocking Headline of the Day

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08.19.10 18 Comments

Wow, a Seltzer-Friedberg joint wasn’t good?  Who knew, huh?  I like how you can’t show a nipple on TV, yet Fox continues to distribute these guys’ movies without fear of a boycott.  I’d rather support Al-Qaeda.


“This instantly forgettable trifle is fairly close to worthless.” –Variety

“It’s the sort of movie where “finger food” is offered at a party. And it’s fingers. Haw.” –OrlandoSentinel

“…another drearily pointless parody.” –The Star

“Adequacy remains out of their grasp, and mediocrity might just be an impossible goal.” –Onion A/V Club

“Dave Foley keeps his streak alive – he’s appeared in every crappy movie of the 21st century for at least two minutes.” –San Francisco Chronicle

“A flick that wouldn’t recognize funny if it came up and sank both of its fangs into its uninspired neck.” –WashingtonPost

“Aside from the difficulty of spoofing a saga that has always been winkingly aware of its own angsty excesses, there is the inadvisability of angering a tweeniverse whose emotional investment in the originals borders on pathological.”

…Wait, what?  Aw, god dammit, New York Times.  This is why we never invite you anywhere.

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