06.25.08 10 years ago 58 Comments

In case you’ve never heard of The Jonas Brothers, they’re a fake band some managers and stage parents put together and whored out to Disney.  They weren’t the ones responsible for that Banana Smoothie song, but as you can see from their picture, that doesn’t make them any less creepy and gay. 

Anyway, they’re currently in pre-production for a Hannah Montana-style concert documentary… Or at least, it would be a documentary if Disney hadn’t put out a casting call looking for actors to play their fans.

In the first listing they’re looking for actresses to play Two Teenage Girls who are "younger, cute and attractive… sitting front and center at the Jonas Brothers concert, screaming, going nuts, blowing kisses and crying." The second listing for a Super-Fan is also young, cute and attractive who, in her scene, is "giving a tour of her home, which is a shrine to the Jonas Brothers.”

Shocking isn’t it?  I can’t believe an enterprise whose entire reason for being is creating a parent and marketing-exec-approved version of reality for spoiled annoying kids would do something like hire actors for a documentary.  Next you’ll tell me they don’t write their own songs!  

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