Short film: Mentos & Diet Coke revive dead, French clown

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06.28.10 16 Comments

This morning I posted Patrick Boivin’s At-At Day Afternoon, which is currently rocketing its way around the internet.  It was pretty good, but let’s face it, Star Wars references are for the makers of internet videos what selling crack is to kids in the inner city. Anyway, the same guy has 202 videos, and one of them was this one, “Le Queloune.” It’s a little longer than At-At Day Afternoon, but the premise is that some girls use Diet Coke and Mentos to awaken a dead, French clown.  If that description doesn’t make you want to watch it, I’m not sure we can be friends.

I figured that if you weren’t already permanently scarred from Extremo the Rape Clown singing “White Wedding” on Friday, a French zombie clown should do the trick.  I found it at once both revolting and hilarious, not the least of which because the zombie clown kind of looks like Kelsey Grammer.

[thanks to Oski for the tip]

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