Shrek poster another example of ‘Dreamworks Face’

Senior Editor
04.19.10 10 Comments

Aside from teaching children that sentences that end in prepositions and don’t have any verbs are the hip thing to do (if Dreamworks jumped off a cliff, would you?), Dreamworks has provided yet another example of “the Dreamworks face.”  At this point, you wonder if they’re aware of people making fun of them for this and don’t care, or if they actually are embarrassed, but it’s just too expensive to try to go back and change the Dreamworks-character-face template as drawn by Anheiser P. Dreamworks III back in 1856.  At least this much is certain: Shrek Forever After is about witches.  Witches with troll-doll hair.  Okay.

[via IMPA, thanks to Patrick for the tip]

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