'Shut Up Little Man' looks good and morning links

Shut Up, Little Man is a documentary about a series of audio tapes some guys made about their crazy neighbors. I think it looks awesome, but I’m kind of a sucker for out-of-context conversations.

The Best of Always Sunny’s Mac and Now Fat Mac |UPROXX|

Best Ending to a Geeky Marriage Proposal Ever |Gamma Squad|

Kimbo Slice Hilariously Murders White Nobody |With Leather|

Picture: This picture is pretty self-explanatory. In fact, I would argue that it’s dangerously self-explanatory. |via Lamebook – thanks, Chino|

Breaking Bad Renewed for Final Season |Warming Glow|

Halle Berry Celebrates Her Birthday on the Beach. #Titties |Smoking Section|

Jerry Dandridge Performs “Amy Awake” From Fright Night: The Musical. Wait, what? |GorillaMask|

Heidi Klum is topless. I could’ve jacked to this in high school. |TheSuperficial|

RIP, Jon and Kate plus 8. |Videogum|

Guy surprises his girlfriend with an entire wedding. |TheDailyWhat|

Eight creative ways people went over the Berlin wall. |MentalFloss|

The Worst People on Facebook (and Possibly the Planet) |College Humor|


Interview with Insane Clown Posse |Adult Swim|

The 10 Films with the Hardest PG-13 Rating |Pajiba|

20 Movie Actors and Their Less Attractive Real-Life Characters |Unreality|

25 things you didn’t know about The Fly, in honor of its 25th anniversary. |Buzzfeed|

Van Damme will be in a British UFO movie. |ScreenJunkies|

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