UPDATE: Shyamalan name is the turd in audience’s punch bowl

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07.21.10 28 Comments

UPDATE: The video initially got pulled not long after I first posted this, but it should work now.

I hadn’t gotten around to posting the trailer for Devil (watch it after the jump), a horror movie from Universal on which M. Night Shyamalan gets story credit. I thought it was a little weird that the trailer would so proudly advertise M. Shyammy’s involvement for all the world to see the same week that people were comparing watching his Last Airbender to being the subject in a human centipede experiment.  It just doesn’t seem like something you’d want, or need, to publicize. “See this butt plug?  This was Hitler‘s butt plug.”

MNight-Credit-DevilAnyway, FilmDrunkard Patrick was at a screening of Inception recently, where he filmed the audience’s reaction to the Devil trailer that played before it.  Their response to “From the mind of M. Night Shyamalan” bit at the 15-second mark is priceless.  Someone should cast Shyamalan in a show set at a bar like Cheers. He could be like the reverse Norm who’s always showing up to ruin everyone’s time.

“Look everyone, Manny’s here!”


[Thanks to Patrick]

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