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Manny Shyamalan recently spoke with SciFiwire about the possibility of Unbreakable 2, and the article was filled with the kind of quotes we expect from him.

“I’m a strange creature,” the writer/director said in a conference call with reporters last week. “When Unbreakable came out, I was like, ‘God, man I’m so excited.’ I thought [it] was like comic books. No one has really done comic books like this: reality-based comic books. I really think this is a metaphor for things that people can go crazy over.”

This is Manny 101: Manny does crazy things no one else would think of because Manny is a genius.  The things Manny does are often metaphors.  If you don’t understand, that’s probably why.

“When the reaction was mixed, it was kind of a disappointment, I was pettily hurt, and I was like, ‘God, I took so many incredible risks and things like that,'” Shyamalan said.

Sometimes I just want to innovate too much, you know?  I blame God for giving me these enormous brass balls.

“I felt really hurt, and I couldn’t bring myself to write,” he said. “It’s literally like a relationship I have with the audience [I think the “literally” means he wants to have sex with you -Ed.]. … And then, over the years, as it just grew and grew and grew, and people were like, ‘You know, I really like that. That’s actually my favorite movie, and I watch that all the time,’ and on and on. I’ll be on the street, and some kid will run across traffic with it in his backpack–he just is carrying it in his backpack–and he’ll be running [saying], ‘I can’t believe it’s you!’ Will you sign my Unbreakable DVD?’ And quoting the thing and all that stuff.” [Source]

Even though you may not have understood it because it was a work of art like no one had seen before, Unbreakable has become a cult classic.  Little kids know all the words – Manny is like The Beatles.  Bigger than the Beatles.  Bigger than Jesus.  I once quoted Unbreakable to this homeless kid in a wheelchair, and all of a sudden he started to walk and the dirt on his face was gone and his filthy rags became a Tuxedo and spats.

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