Video: Oops, Men in Black and RIPD are the same movie

It took about one trailer to realize that RIPD and Men in Black are basically the same movie (but with the undead instead of aliens!). But as this new video from NextMovie proves, you still have to be impressed with the extent that this can be proven using only the two minutes of RIPD floating around online (it opens this weekend). In this side-by-side video, RIPD matches Men in Black beat for beat, just like me and my bros used to do with each other back in the frathouse.

I guess the big question is, do you prefer fast talking Ryan Reynolds and silly-accented Jeff Bridges, or cocky Will Smith and crotchedy Tommy Lee Jones? I like the urban flavor of Will Smith, but appreciate the ripped abs (RIPD abs, lol!) of Ryan Reynolds; the crotchedyness of Tommy Lee Jones, but the silly accent of Jeff Bridges. Personally, I think they should just cut out the ingenue role and just make it about Jeff Bridges and Tommy Lee Jones, two crusty old dudes trading salty one-liners. They could call it Grumpy Old Men or Geezers Get Pissed or The Expendables or something. Look, I’m just spitballing here. As long as Jeff and Ryan have to destroy a portal to another world that threatens to overrun Earth at some point, I’ll be fine. I haven’t seen that in any movies yet this Summer.