Burk & Hare trailer: Simon Pegg & Andy Serkis will snatch your body

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10.05.10 13 Comments

This is the trailer for Burke & Hare, starring Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis (aka Gollum, my preciousses), an indie comedy from the UK that so far doesn’t have a US release date.  But who knows, maybe we can find a distributor here who’s not too busy watching Two & a Half men reruns and we can eventually see it. (Oh, I get it, Charlie Sheen wears bowling shirts!  Classic!)

Burke & Hare  is based on the true story of the body-snatchers William Burke (Pegg) and William Hare (Serkis). These two Irish entrepreneurs discover that a dead body can fetch a hefty price when the demands of the leading medical professors Dr. Knox (Tom Wilkinson) and Dr. Monroe (Tim Curry) reach beyond that of the local supply. Also stars Isla Fisher,  David Schofield, Allan Corduner, Bill Bailey, Hugh Bonneville, Michael Smiley and Christopher Lee. [ComingSoon]

It comes from director John Landis, who had an insane run of hits starting in the late 70s — Animal House, Blues Brothers, Trading Places, Three Amigos, and Coming to America, only to flame out in the 90s — Oscar, Beverly Hills Cop 3, Blues Brothers 2000.  According to IMDB, his last feature film was 1998’s Susan’s Plan, starring Billy Zane and Rob Schneider which I hadn’t heard of until today.  To be honest, I probably could’ve gone even longer.  This one looks like it has potential (and has an awesome cast), so here’s to hoping this is Landis’ return to form.  I can’t remember a comeback after a long crappy period ever happening with comedy, but maybe this can be the first.  Also, am I the only one who constantly misreads “Hugh Bonneville” as “Huge Bonerville”?  I think that’s Isla Fisher’s home town.

Also, “Burke & Hare” totally rhymes with “Merkin Hair.” Though you guys would want to know.

[via ComingSoon]

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