Simon Pegg Continues To Be Awesome

A few days ago, Redditor Golden_Dalek posted on the Internet’s favorite forum that he sent a few items to Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Star Trek star Simon Pegg three months with the hopes of having them signed. Sure enough, when he checked the mail this week, his items had returned, fresh with Pegg’s King John I on everything. And that includes a personalized letter that Pegg added to the stash.


Congratulations on being the person who has taken the most piss in terms of amount of things to sign. If any of this turns up on eBay, I have your address and I still have the cricket bat.


Pegg added a little smiley face, too, so that we knew he was joking, but he shouldn’t have because now everyone is going to send him stuff to autograph. I just shipped a crate to Pegg, filled with expired condoms. I need to do something with those damn things, so he better have a few pens ready.

Image of the actual letter after the jump.

(Hat tip to Buzzfeed)