SITE NEWS: Don’t Fear the Redesign

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07.25.11 33 Comments

While may have been reading this site for so long that you ceased to notice, like an old lady with her perfume or a family that lives across from the water-treatment plant, but the fact is, our site banner and graphics were pretty janky, and had been for a long time (“janky” is a highly technical word I like to include in all declarations of scientific fact). Our new site design is set to go live tonight (or it already has, depending on what time you’re reading this), and it updates our top site banner in such a way that, how shall I put this… in such a way that it doesn’t look like a blurry piece of crap. The new design:

  • Adds a helpful Uproxx navigation bar across the top and links to FilmDrunk features (we’re still working on additional tags that will go there — we should have dedicated  links to Comments of the Week and Latest Comments either there or in the sidebar soon)
  • Instead of the old log-in bar across the top above the site banner, now it’s on the right below the search bar. And either way, you can always click “comments” and log in to comment where it says “you must be logged in to post a comment.”
  • Wider pictures – yay, 50 more pixels of Sad Keanus, Sandwich Gyllenhaals, and all manner of related corgis!
  • No green background. I’m still getting used to all the white.

Other than that, everything is basically the same. Your faithful Editor-in-Chief, Vince Mancini (that’s me!) will still be bringing you the same informative content, queef jokes, and overwhelming sense of opulence, day in, day out (as will your favorite contributors Burnsy, Danger Guerrero, Robopanda, Chodin, Oliver, and Chareth Cutestory whenever they’re filling in).

So put down the knife, everything will be just fine. Same old girlfriend, she just got a little lipo done on her cellulite, which is just sort of a bonus (she may have a bit of an attitude now, but what’re you gonna do). As for the guy in the picture, that’s Wahlberg, a friend of FilmDrunkard Megan, who writes:

Facts about Wahlberg:
-Loves to honk and wave in the opposite direction of a crowd
-Hella steampunk
-Big hit at squirrel raves

Those were all Frotcast inside jokes, by the way. But if you’re not a listener yet, the gist of it is that it’s a picture of a cute dog. If this little guy can’t soften the blow of us changing up your routine, nothing can. Here he is with a life jacket on:

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