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08.14.09 13 Comments

(We make Ufford wear the Spock ears)

Folks, I’m not going to BS you or whine about needing some time off because let’s face it, I photoshop Paula Abdul on top of Mexicans for a living.  Digging ditches it ain’t.  However, it is my duty to inform you that I will be sampling foreign booze and going to “museums” for the next few days.  And yes, those quotation marks were meant to indicate Finnish prostitutes.  They have those, right?  Oh God I should’ve done more research, this is going to be the worst vacation ever!

Until I return, enjoy the comedy stylings of two people with whom you should already be semi-familiar, Chodin, man-child extraordinaire and master of penis and pantomime humor, and RoboPanda, some time contributor and finder of about 86% of the funny videos I post.  They’re long time FilmDrunkards from way back and multiple comments of the week winners, so they should have a good grasp on what gets the party started around here.  So be good, and love them like the stepfather who you don’t love quite as much as your real dad but tolerate because he lets you drink in the basement.  And don’t even think about not running up to my car with open arms when I come home to visit or I’ll belt you so hard you’ll wish you didn’t even have an ass.  (Sorry, threats of violence are how I express affection).

PS – You may also have noticed that we have a “Recent Comments” link in the sidebar again… so that’s pretty cool.

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