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Slumdog Millionaire actor Azharrudin Mohammed famously got slapped around by his father a while back, but that’s nothing compared to Rubina Ali’s dad, who literally tried to sell his daughter to the highest bidder. Said one prospective buyer, “Quick and easy transaction, lightning-fast shipping, great kid – would ‘come again,’ lol. A++ seller.”

In a bid to escape India’s real-life slums, Rafiq Qureshi put angel-faced darling of the Oscars Rubina up for adoption, demanding millions of rupees worth £200,000.
As he offered the shocking deal to the News of the World’s undercover fake sheik this week, Rafiq declared: “I have to consider what’s best for me, my family and Rubina’s future.”  Rafiq tried to blame Hollywood bosses for forcing him to put his daughter up for SALE. As he tried to fix the illegal adoption deal, real-life slum dweller Rafiq declared: “We’ve got nothing out of this film.” [this despite earlier reports that the filmmakers had bought Ali’s family a house and paid for her education]

Then, almost embarrassed to speak it out loud, he whispered to an accomplice the price tag he has put on his innocent young daughter: “It’s £200,000!” [$294,882]
That was an astonishing FOURFOLD increase on his opening demand. But Rafiq’s equally demanding brother Mohiuddin insisted: “The child is special now. This is NOT an ordinary child. This is an Oscar child!” [NewsoftheWorld]

The source article goes into greater detail and there’s even a video.  Bottom line, it sounds pretty bad, but being that Rubina Ali currently lives in a Mumbai slum with a father who wants to sell her, there’s a decent chance getting adopted would actually be better for her. I also like how in the video, the British reporter keeps trying to say her name, but the way they pronounce it over there, it sounds like “Ru Beaner.”  It’s like she’s a Mexican drag queen or something.

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