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12.17.07 101 Comments

Gemma Arterton is the girl in the new Bond flick – which will be called 007, if you believe rumors that AICN starts.

I don’t know who this chick is, but I couldn’t find any naked pictures of her on the internet, so I’m just gonna assume that she’s either a prude or a huge cocktease.   

Plus she’s got that funky hairstyle with the stupid bangs that girls always think is really cool.  “OMG! She looks so cute! I should totally do my hair like that!” They’ll say. 

Meanwhile, the girl in question is always some super hot chick.  Yes, she looks good with that hairstyle.  She’d also look good in one of those trucker hats with a fish coming out the front.  Anyone else would look like Cleopatra’s retarded cousin.   Bond will be out November 7th. 

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