Some Dogs Are Made of Shoes + The Morning Links

08.27.13 5 years ago
Via fuckyeahdementia

Via fuckyeahdementia

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The Morning Links

The Adventures of Southie Batman, Episode 1 |FilmDrunk|

Breaking Bad Power Rankings: ‘Confessions’ |Warming Glow|

Val Kilmer Weighs In On Ben Affleck as Batman (Plus More Batfleck Memes) |UPROXX|

And Now, a Two Hit Knockout |With Leather|

Saints Row IV is a Lot Smart Than It Looks |Gamma Squad|

The Rex Ryan Meltdown: An Appreciation |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Eminem – ‘Berzerk’ |Smoking Section|

Mercedes-Benz Parody Ad Kills Hitler, Mercedes Not Amused |death&taxes|

10 Things You Should Know About Ray Bradbury |Mental Floss|

Your Guide to Understanding College A Cappella |College Humor|

Breaking Bad Recap |Grantland|

6 Animals With Sex Lives That Are Weirdly Human |Cracked|

Widower Writes Song for His Wife of 75 Years |Pajiba|

How To Stop Anyone From Crying |Videogum|

There’s a Scientology Celebrity Gala? |The Superficial|

Speakeasy: Bill Hader |Made Man|

RIP Miley Cyrus |IDLYITW|

The Greatest Game of HORSE Ever Played |The Chive|

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