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11.15.07 219 Comments

Screenwriter Justin Marks recently discussed the He-Man movie in an interview with Toyfare magazine (Note to FBI Pederast Division: Get magazine’s distribution list immediately).

Marks, who co-wrote the script with Neil Ellice, says:

There are no invented new characters plopped [hee hee!] into it-and if we and Mattel have our way there will never be. We’re talking about the He-Man mythology. So what we’re talking about doing, in the same way as Batman Begins, we’re going back to the original thing, let’s build it from the ground up again. How can we find our way in? How can we jump into Adam’s life at an interesting point where new audiences will respect him? It’s an Adam origin story, and it’s a Skeletor origin story. We want to see where both of them come from and how they got that way. If we don’t see the humanity and the truth in what Skeletor’s trying to do, then the story’s not compelling.  [full transcript here

He-Man mythology?  I wasn’t aware there was one.  Only thing I remember is Dad taking my action figures away when I rubbed He-Man and GI Joe together and made kissing noises.  Seriously, everybody does that, right?  Guys?

It’s true though, we really do need someone who’ll finally be true to He-Man; he’s had a rough go of it since he caught She-Ra banging a Thundercat.  He shouted “Heave Ho, Heave Ho!” and slapped her around a little bit, but felt really bad about later, even if she was a whore.  I mean, a Thundercat?!  A Voltron driver I could understand, even a Go-Bot, but a Thundercat?  Disgusting.  They’re worse than club promoters.   

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