Sony Will Release A Female Superhero Movie From The ‘Spider-Man’ World In 2017

Now that Sony Pictures has very wisely decided to give us a break from the Spider-Man franchise by pushing the next web-slinger film all the way back to 2018, it’s time for the studio to focus on some bolder ideas. For starters, there’s the Sinister Six movie that is set for November 2016, as it will be the first mainstream comic book movie to focus on a superhero’s nemesis bringing a gang of villains together for the sake of causing trouble. But much more interesting is today’s big news that Sony will be plucking a female character from the Spider-Man universe to give her a standalone movie in 2017.

According to Deadline, Lisa Joy has been pegged by Sony to pen the script of this yet-unknown heroine’s tale, and while you probably don’t recognize her name from her Burn Notice and Pushing Daisies credits, she is the co-writer and co-executive producer attached to the Westworld series that is currently in the pilot stage for HBO, and with Jonathan Nolan (her husband and Chris Nolan’s brother) set to direct and Anthony Hopkins attached to star, there’s a pretty good chance Joy is going to get a chance to sharpen her writing skills bringing that Michael Crichton story back to life. She also had one of the biggest script sales of 2013 with Reminiscence, which earned her seven figures.

But enough about credits and paydays, because this is all about the speculation game now, as in which of the female Spider-Man characters is going to get the big break? Common sense would suggest one of the more commonly known heroines like Spider-Woman, Spider-Girl, Black Cat or Silver Sable, but there’s also the outside chance of a character like Madame Web, Stunner, Firestar, Ms. Marvel and Mockingbird, who could then help add more fuel to the idea of Spidey joining the Avengers, but that’s still probably very unlikely.

Or maybe we’re going further down the rabbit hole and we’re going to see one of the female villainesses associated with the Sinister Six spin off into her own hero storyline, like Calypso, Menace, The Grim Huntress, Scorpia, Scream, Shriek, White Rabbit, Coldheart, Delilah, Spider-Queen or any other female character I can pull out of my butt for the sake of speculation. All I know is that if it was my call, and since there’s no female Spider-Ham character, it would probably be a movie all about female Venom cosplay.