Discussing Sopranos ‘Two Tonys’ With Noel Brown From Ridiculous History On Pod Yourself A Gun

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Men will literally send laundry detergent to their therapists before they will go to therapy.

Quit your squealing, piggies. That sweet, sweet gabagool flavored slop is back with that divorced dad energy you find so attractive. Guest Noel Brown from the Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know, Ridiculous History, and Movie Crush podcasts joins Matt and Vince to talk about The Sopranos season five premiere, “Two Tonys.”

When season 5 starts, Tony and Carm aren’t officially divorced but they are separated enough for Tony to shoot his shot with Dr Melfi, and he’s not exactly Steph Curry. As discussed in the podcast, he’s coming on strong and looking psychologically sweaty. Tony’s undeniable raw magnetism is well-documented on this podcast, but in this episode, his raw animal instincts are on display in the least appealing way imaginable. He’s like a Rottweiler with his lipstick out trying to hump Melfi’s leg as she backs away. That might get a disgusting weirdo like you riled up, but it’s not working for Melfi.

Tony’s not the only animal lurking around, as AJ runs into an actual bear in the backyard. If this were a podcast for nerds, there would likely be some kind of discussion about the symbolism here. “Tony is the bear and the bear is Tony!” the nerds are shouting as Matt, Vince, and Noel agree that AJ sounds like a whiny little baby when he cries for his mommy.

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-Description by Brent Flyberg