Chrissy Gets The World’s Worst Intervention In The Sopranos 410, On The New Pod Yourself A Gun

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The Straw That Broke The Dog’s Neck.

If you met a stranger at the video store this morning and became friends because they could help you score drugs, throw on this episode of Pod Yourself A Gun for the two-hour drive to their dealer’s house. Guest Rachel Fisher from the Hollywood Crime Scene podcast joins Matt and Vince to talk about season four, episode ten of The Sopranos, “The Strong, Silent Type.” Also known as the one with Chrissy’s intervention.

Based on what Rachel and Matt have to say about their experiences with the banal reality of late-stage drug addiction, listening to this episode will be nothing like getting hooked on heroin. It’s fun and sexy and has a parody of “Under the Bridge” for the Bada B-stories. It’s not just addiction talk, though. They also cover America’s bizarre obsession with The Osbournes, the humiliation of getting beat with a xylophone, and how Furio and Svetlana represent the immigration myths Tony wishes he embodied.

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-Description by @brentflyberg