Space Travel, Rom-Coms, Shirtless Justin Bieber, And Other Things Matthew McConaughey Has Defended

Matthew McConaughey is a man with a code. He’s a man who takes action, whether it’s on-screen or off. Yeah, sure, he’s been caught playing bongos naked, high off of who-knows-what, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a man of principal. Take for example his role in Interstellar: he’s trying to save the world! And, that’s what it’s like in real life. McConaughey is trying to save the world, but he’s doing it one shirtless Bieber at a time.

All hyperbole aside, McConaughey is someone who isn’t afraid to speak his mind. He may speak in riddles, and he may convey his thoughts in the form of haikus, but let’s not forget this man is one of the best working actors today. Let’s celebrate the McConaissance by exploring some of the issues he’s defended in the past.

On Rom-Coms

McConaughey said this in his recent GQ cover story:

These things aren’t easy. What’s hard is to make them look easy. Those kinds of movies are what they are. They get pooh-poohed by critics. They get pooh-poohed by actors themselves. And in a way I get it, but in other ways it’s completely unfair. I’ve never had fears that I was stuck in one thing. I’m sure we’re going to talk about the years when I was in romantic comedies and I was seen as the guy who was on the beach, running around shirtless. I did that. Damn right that was me.

Rom-coms also let the man buy nice suits:

On Fanny Packs

You think that only circa-1996 Rock can wear a fanny pack? Think again.

On Lance Armstrong

From his interview with Details magazine:

He told a lie, he’s not a liar. When [the news] came out, I took it personally, but then I realized it ain’t personal to him,” the actor says. “I was going, ‘That son of a bitch!’ But then I thought, ‘Well, what was he supposed to do? Call me to the side and go, ‘Hey, I did this?’ But I’m happy for him now, because despite all this outside conflict, he doesn’t have this inner conflict anymore.

On Losing Weight for Dallas Buyers Club

From McConaughey’s interview with The Daily Beast:

I feel fine. I really do. I got the means to lose the weight in a really healthy way. I’m eating fresh fish. I’m just eating small amounts. I’m not being starved. I’m sleeping well. I’ve got clean meals that I’m cooking for myself. It’s just really an exercise in discipline. If anything, it’s as much a spiritual journey as it is physical. My body is fine. I’m taking care of myself. Everything has shrunk quite a bit. It’s really been enlightening to understand my anatomy. I don’t have the leverage I used to. I have body soreness.

On Shirtless Justin Bieber

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On The Redskins Name

From the GQ cover story:

I know a lot of Native Americans don’t have a problem with it, but they’re not going to say, “No, we really want the name.” That’s not how they’re going to use their pulpit. It’s like my feeling about gun control: “I get it. You have the right to have guns. But look, let’s forget that right. Let’s forget the pleasure you get safely on your range, because it’s in the wrong hands in other places. It’s not going to hurt me. It’s just… I love the emblem. I dig it. It gives me a little fire and some oomph. But now that it’s in the court of public opinion, it’s going to change. I wish it wouldn’t, but it will.

On Space Travel

To see McConaughey defending even more, go see Interstellar today!