Special needs transvestite dance party: The best clip you’ll see today

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01.19.11 28 Comments

Evan from Severin Films has come through with yet another awesome, EXCLUSIVE clip for us to enjoy, this time from Alexander Jodorowsky’s Santa Sangre.  I’d never heard of that person or that film before today, but now that I have, it’s like discovering my dad’s Playgirls Playboys.

Allow me to recap: a greasy Latin man finds some special needs kids at a movie theater, where he gives them all cocaine and takes them to a tranny dance party.  That’s not all, but I won’t spoil the ending.  Basically, it’s like if Charlie Sheen was a special ed teacher.  (Holy crap, someone write that idea down).

From the official press release:

The term “cult director applies to no one more than Chilean-born filmmaker and visionary shaman Alejandro Jodorowsky.  Now Jodorowsky’s long-unseen masterpiece SANTA SANGRE will make its eagerly-anticipated American Blu-ray and DVD debut on January 25th, 2011 from Severin Films.

Jodorowsky exploded onto the international scene with his notorious 1970s sensations El Topo and Holy Mountain.  Endorsed by John Lennon and embraced by underground culture worldwide, the films redefined movies as both art and entertainment while single-handedly creating the midnight movie genre.

Legal frustrations with the films’ owner (and Beatles manager) Allen Klein, as well as a failed attempt to direct a 14-hour movie adaptation of Dune starring Orson Wells and Salvador Dali, kept Jodorowsy from making movies for 16 years until his triumphant return with SANTA SANGRE.  Blanca Guerra, Guy Stockwell, and the filmmaker’s sons Axel and Adan Jodorowsky star in this surreal epic about a young circus performer, the crime of passion that shatters his soul, and the macabre journey back to the world of his armless mother and deaf-mute lover.

You think your wife and mother have trouble communicating now, just imagine if one only understood sign language and the other didn’t have hands. If my stepdad didn’t have hands, my mom would’ve had no way of knowing when to do the dishes.

Anyway, I’d do this movie’s dishes. It’s full of trannies and cocaine.

And I like that.

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