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11.10.09 37 Comments

Question marks in the headline can mean only one thing: no one knows the answer, so we’re free to speculate wildly!  Yee haw!  Now who wants to get shot in the dark?

Oh joy.  This is my favorite part of the job, reporting on the breathless rumor mongering of the nerdlingtons who actually care about this stuff.  It turns out, Black Cat is going to be in Spider-Man 4!  And she’ll maybe be played by Rachel McAdams!

We can exclusively reveal that actress Rachel McAdams has met with the producers of the film for a major role. McAdams is said to be a top contender for the role of Felicia Hardy, known to comic fans as The Black Cat.  Fans recall that when Spidey first encounters the Black Cat, she’s a cat burglar looking to free her ailing father from prison. She becomes smitten with the web-slinger, to the point of a stalker-level obsession. Later stories had Peter reciprocating her affection and her becoming a lover, a friend and ally [hey, that’s what it says on my business cards!]. [Mania]

Yeah, so she’s basically Catwoman.  But wait!  It turns out Romola Garai, who’s also a 20-something blonde actress, recently auditioned for the same movie! Could it be for the same part???

“Love is at the root of everything good that has ever happened and will happen.” This phrase swam into focus as I moved up the escalator at Oxford Circus tube on Tuesday morning on my way to put myself “on tape” for a part in Spider-Man 4. This is the acting equivalent of the London Marathon in that it’s important to try your best as long as you understand that you aren’t going to win. [TheObserver]

WHICH ONE OF THESE BROADS WILL PLAY THE CHARACTER THAT MAY OR MAY NOT BE IN THE MOVIE, OH GOD THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME.  I hope it’s Romola Garai.  She’d make a good villain because she has fantastic boobs but it sounds like she writes spoken word poetry about her ovaries.

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