Spider-Man actor breaks both wrists in accident

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10.29.10 24 Comments

Relax, relax, Scarfield is fine. The actor in question was working on Julie Taymor’s $65 million Spider-Man play.  A 65-million-dollar play, mother of God.  It’s like a steam engine made of unobtainium.

The latest and most painful disaster involves actor Kevin Aubin, who broke both his wrists while demonstrating a botched flying stunt for a small audience last week. Aubin is okay, if in casts. He wrote on Facebook, “well i dont know what im allowed to say. but something went wrong and i fell on my hands from a high distance. It happens, no one to blame. I’m alive and ok.” On the brighter side, the show sounds pretty amazing: Aubin hurt himself while being catapulted, as if by a slingshot, across the stage. According to someone who has seen it, “They are not just flying people around — they’re catapulting them! It’s like they’re being shot out of rubber bands … There are going to be Spider-Men flying all over the theater — right over your head — during the show.” [Vulture]

He broke the wrists in “a fall?”  Uh-huh, riiight.  Sure, buddy, whatever you say.  Look, as soon as I heard U2 was writing songs for a musical about Spider-Man, I knew dismissive-wank-related accidents would be inevitable. Don’t piss on my shoes and tell me it’s flooding.


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