Spider-Man Basketball looks spazzier than Vampire Baseball

Between the producers of The Amazing Spider-Man movie, the photographer, the graphic designer, and the entire staff of Entertainment Weekly, you’d think one person would’ve had one friend who’d played a sport ever in his life that could’ve warned them that this picture makes both actors look spazzier than a cross-eyed midget with cerebral palsy. Whatever this sport is, it makes Vampire Scarf Baseball look like a World’s Strongest Man Competition. Anyway, there’s a few more Spider-Man pictures on the following pages to go with the batch from yesterday and… Wait, what’s that?? Uh oh, you guys, I think I hear a knock at the door!

Oh screw this, now way I’m reffing now. These High School Musical kids travel more than Bieber.

“Oh not these god damned basketball kids again. This is worse than WNBA.”
[Entertainment Weekly via /Film]
Okay, I couldn’t resist a little Photoshop…