Spider-Man’s girlfriend auditions a who’s who of who’s thats

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08.20.10 27 Comments

(Teresa Palmer, Emma Roberts)

Sony is busy auditioning actresses to play Spider-Man’s love interest (not Mary Jane this time) in their Mark Webb-directed, 3D reboot of Spider-Man, and Tof these five, but, you know… food for thought.  With the title role being played by Scarfield (Andrew Garfield), an important consideration is finding a girl you’ve never heard of before. To that end, this seems like a fine list:

Lilly Collins (“Priest”), Ophelia Lovibond (“Nowhere Boy”), Teresa Palmer (“The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”), Imogen Poots (“Fright Night”) and Emma Roberts (“”) are among the finalists.  The report also indicates that additional actresses may be under consideration and that Mary Elizabeth Winstead (“Scott Pilgrim vs the World”) was among the finalists at one point before dropping out. The actresses are said to be meeting with Webb and Garfield this weekend and if none of them pan out another round of casting will begin. [MTV]

Whoa whoa whoa, time out: “Imogen Poots”?  That’s a real name, and not the title of a Victorian book of limericks about flatulence?  She needs to marry Benedict Cumberbatch immediately, and invite us all over for tea to celebrate the union of Cumberbatch and Poots.  “Oi, bugga me norks, guv, is da guests ‘ere awready? Dog’s your uncle bobby lorrie lift, but we’s stiw cleanin da chimneys. But you know Mistah Cumbabatch, da bloke ain’t met a penny dat ‘e ain’t pinched!”

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