Spielberg doing WWI from the horse’s perspective

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05.04.10 26 Comments

The film world has been waiting with ‘bated breath to find out what Spielberg’s next directing project after The Adventures of Tin Tin would be, and now we know. The project is called WAR HORSE! Which is way less awesome than the title would indicate, especially if you shout it.

The film will be based on Michael Morpugo’s novel about WWI told from the point of view of a horse who experiences life on both sides of the trenches. Morpugo’s children’s book sees Joey, an English horse, getting sold to the army. In France he charges into battle but is captured by the Germans, who use him to pull an ambulance cart. Along the way he sees the horror and terror of World War I’s indiscriminate slaughter.

Richard Curtis (Love, Actually) [Woof] is teaming up with Lee Hall (a playwright who wrote the original Billy Elliot film) to adapt Morpugo’s novel, apparently using a stage adaptation of the same as ammunition. [CHUD]

Telling the story of World War I from the perspective of a horse isn’t that wild an idea, especially when you consider that all Brett Ratner’s films are told from the point of view of a jackass.  ZING!  (*bangs the burn gong*) Oh man, that was a burn.  A burn that good calls for a little dance.


I think we should tell the story of every war from the point of view of this guy.

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