Spike Jonze films some black guy dancing with Yo Ma

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04.18.11 23 Comments

Spike Jonze recently shot the video below, in which undisputed number one big swinging dick of cellists Yo Yo Ma collaborated with LA dancer/pop-and-locksmith Lil Buck, creating a unique visual experience sure to be shared by only the hippest of your Facebook friends.  HIGH CULTURE!  BLACK CULTURE! TOGETHER!  Why, I nearly spilled fair trade soy chai on my copy of the latest McSweeney’s.

Seriously though, it’s pretty cool.

Jonze says this of the project, “The other day, I was lucky enough to be at an event to bring the arts back into schools and got to see an amazing collaboration between Yo-Yo Ma and a young dancer in LA, Lil Buck. Someone who knows Yo-Yo Ma had seen Lil Buck on YouTube and put them together. The dancing is Lil Buck’s own creation and unlike anything I’ve seen. Hope you enjoy.” [ThePlaylist]

To be fair, it would’ve been just as cool with Slayer, or really any music. He’s like one of those toys that dance when you put it front of a radio. In conclusion, I’ll simply leave you with this tangentially-related picture.

The shorts and tiger tat are pretty cool, but don’t enjoy them so much you miss the gold calculator watch in the foreground. [pic via TheChive]

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