Spike Jonze Wants Ya to Put The Fightah in Yo-ah Reahview

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The Fighter, David O. Russell’s film about a couple a hahd workin, gritty fackin blue cawllah hahd ons from Southie starring Mahky Mahk and Christian Bale, opens in about 10 days, and Spike Jonze wants to make sure you see it.  Jonze and O. Russell are apparently buddies, and Jonze recently emailed SlashFilm hoping they’d post a Fighter trailer that Jonze thinks is better than the one that’s been going around.


Hey Peter –
Spike here. I’m writing on behalf of my friend David Russell [O., are you? -Wes Anderson], regarding his new movie The Fighter. Did you get a chance to see it yet? How insanely great is Christian Bale?

Can you do me a favor and post this 2 minute trailer called “Pressure” on your site? [attached after the jump]

The trailer that they put out originally makes the film feel a little generic and I just want to help David get the word out. I got to see it a few weeks ago, and I loved it, and if all you saw is the trailer that’s out, you might not know that it’s as interesting and strong as it is.

Thanks for your help!

Bottom line, I’m pretty bitter that another movie blogger gets personal emails from probably the most positive force in the movie business and I don’t. (I mean Eli Roth texts me d*ck pics from time to time, but I’m pretty sure he has the wrong number.)  What am I, chopped liver?  What, did you think, that I’d use that picture from the Marky Mark workout video for the article?  …Touché, Jonze, touché.

I was willing to post this because I still feel like Scott Pilgrim was a great movie that got screwed by its terrible trailer.  Still, I doubt it’s possible for the same thing to happen to The Fighter.  I mean Chistian Bale, Amy Adams, Bawston, Mahky Mahk, bawxahs, The Sawx*, Fenway Pahk*, the Green Monstah*, lobstah rolls*, pizzer*, Welkah* — who wouldn’t watch that?   [*movie may not include any of these things.]

Here’s the regular trailer, for comparison:

[via SlashFilm]

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