Find the easiest joke in this new poster for Jodie Foster’s Beaver

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03.24.11 32 Comments

Jodie Foster directed a movie coming out called The Beaver, starring Mel Gibson, and any one of those things would supply a near-endless supply of easy jokes to anyone halfway juvenile minded.  All three together are like the Voltron of easy double-entendre fodder.  It would be like if George Lopez woke up one day and discovered that in addition to being Hispanic, he was also a fat, black, gay, Jewish, ventriloquist with a trunk full of props and a novelty sledge hammer.

Anyway, here’s the international poster for The Beaver, which, in Argentina, is called “Walter’s Double Life” (La Panocha o GTFO!).  Can you spot the easiest joke of them all?  It’s like trying to find a needle in a stack full of needles.  Here, I’ll give you a hint:

Jodie Foster in bed, completely ignoring a dude and focused intensely on a beaver.  Come on, guys, now you’re not even trying.

[via IMPA]

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