Video: Spring Breakers, with Disney Princesses (Morning Links)

03.25.13 6 years ago

I keep referring to Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez in Spring Breakers as “Disney princesses,’ but what this video presupposes is, what Spring Breakers starred actual Disney princesses? “Darling it’s better down where it’s wetter” FTW. |CollegeHumor|

Morning Links
Spring Breakers’ Director Harmony Korine’s Contentious, Hilarious Reddit AMA |UPROXX|

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Hello? This is Dog House. |CoolDogs|

KSK Mock Draft: Naming Peter King’s Website |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Gucci Mane Fell Asleep During Sex Scene |The Superficial|

Watch this child eat a ghost pepper. |Videogum|

The Curse of the Hometown Premium: Why Ed Reed and Brian Urlacher are leaving their longtime homes |Grantland|

Dog photobombs every photo in Craigslist apartment posting |The Chive|

Paul Rudd Is the King of Dating NBC Thursday Night Sitcom Stars |Vulture|

22 Vintage Photos of Animals Acting Like People |Mental Floss|

Ridiculous Karate Knockout |Clip Nation|

If Obama Was On ‘Arrested Development’ |HuffPost Comedy|

The Rich Kids Of Instagram Present: Cars You Will Never Drive |Giant Life|

The 7 Most Distressing Hook-Ups Of TV’s Favorite Will They/Won’t They Couples |Pajiba|

Fun With Game of Thrones Vectors |Unreality|

8 Cutting-Edge Fashions That Are Clearly Just Practical Jokes |Brobible|

Low Winter Sun: Trailer |High Definite|

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