Well that’s just a good movie poster right there.

I enjoyed Spring Breakers, but I wouldn’t necessarily argue strenuously with someone who thought it was just stupid (whether it being stupid on purpose invalidates that criticism is a discussion for another time). I think Harmony Korine is more like the weird kid we pay to eat bugs (and I will happily pay him to eat bugs) than some super genius holding a mirror up to society’s ills or whatever. But this new poster for Spring Breakers (courtesy of those nerds at Indiewire) does a great job highlighting the incontrovertible: compelling imagery. To paraphrase Alien, LOOK. AT THAT SHIT. It could be easily be argued that Spring Breakers is more about production design than plot, character development, story, parody, or cultural critique, but it’d be hard to argue that that’s not some good-ass production design. And even if it’s a dumb movie, I’d say an artistic medium is much healthier and more relevant when it still gives itself the freedom to be silly.

I guess what I’m saying is, I’m looking forward to the deleted scene where they make fun of that fat guy with the huge penis until he gets a boner.