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10.26.09 17 Comments

Over the weekend, the big news going around was Sly Stallone discussing the possibility of Rocky 7 in an interview with zee Germans.  Here’s the translation, via Cinematical:

‘I know people would laugh at it, as I would if someone were making The Godfather Part 10. Enough! But I also know that if I succeed, it will be because this is a film about aging, not about boxing. I know it will provoke criticism. Even my wife said to me, Leave it. You’ll embarrass the children. But I said, if I do not try, I am a very unfortunate man. One must do it. Artists like me have to go through the dark over and over again.’

Naturally, everyone picked up on the story and was all like “Rocky 7? OMG WTF ROFLJO!”  However, according to some German speakers over on CHUD, the translation was wrong and Sly was actually speaking in the past tense about Rocky Balboa, not about a new Rocky movie.  There will be no Rocky 7.  There, now you can make your friends who bring up Rocky 7 in conversation look like total A-holes.  Meanwhile, when Stallone refers to himself as an artist, I picture something like this:

“Because when you’re pushed, paintin’s as easy as breathin’.”

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